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Reading for entrustment

The "investigation and evidence collection department" of Guangdong Yitong law firm will implement a strict confidentiality system, and sign a confidentiality agreement with the client before the beginning of each investigation. The validity of the confidentiality agreement will last until the end of the entrusted investigation or any time required by the client. Both parties to the confidentiality agreement must strictly implement it.

(1) If the client violates the agreement and divulges the confidential information, the client has the right to terminate the contract immediately, and all the Commission money will not be returned. The client shall make full compensation for the loss of the client caused by this.

(2) If the entrusted party violates the agreement and divulges the confidential information, the entrusted party has the right to terminate the contract immediately and return all the entrustment money in full. The entrusted party shall compensate the loss of the entrusted party in full.

We promise to each investigation client that:

1. No direct or indirect contact with any person or other third party organizations or individuals related to this investigation.

2. Do not disclose any information about this investigation to anyone.

3. After the completion of the investigation, all the information will be returned to the customer and kept confidential according to the agreed time.

The information provided by the client must be true and accurate, including: whereabouts, photos, address, telephone number and license plate number; The entrustment must cooperate with everything.